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Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop and review the company's legal documents, including various types of contracts and agreements, and be able to propose compliance management optimization recommendations;

Recruitment position: Lawyer (1 person)

Recruitment unit: Xiamen Jindongyuan Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

Contact: HR (HR)

Contact number: 0592-2616323

Mailing address: 5HJ (361006), Jinyuan East Logistics Center, No. 18, Lantan 3rd Road, Xiamen Free Trade Zone (Free Trade Zone) (Consultation, non-access)

 Basic information about the position

Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above

Job nature: Full time Recruitment: Any

Working location: Huli District, Xiamen City

Working hours: 7.5 hours / day 5 days / week

Salary and benefits: five insurance, housing provident fund, paid annual leave, year-end double pay, performance bonus, overtime subsidy, travel allowance, holiday welfare, employee travel, multiple annual salary adjustments


 Job Responsibilities & Requirements:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop and review the company's legal documents, including various types of contracts and agreements, and be able to propose compliance management optimization recommendations;

2. Responsible for the company's legal affairs, coordinate or assist in the legal affairs of the company's decision-making, operation and management;

3. Responsible for tracking the progress of the company's previous cases and communicating with the court;

4. Participate in the company's major business decisions, ensure the legality of decision-making, and provide preventive opinions on relevant legal risks;

5. Participate in the formulation and implementation of important company rules and regulations, and provide relevant professional advice;

6. Representing the company in litigation, mediation, arbitration and other non-litigation activities to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company;

7. Handle other legal affairs of the company and other tasks entrusted by the superior.

job requirements:

1. Pass the national judicial examination, hold a lawyer's license or a corporate legal counsel qualification certificate;

More than 2.3 years of experience in legal or corporate legal work;

3. Have profound legal professional knowledge, proficient in various commercial laws such as contract law, company law, trademark law, civil law, civil procedure law, etc., and have good ability to draft and review legal documents;

4. Familiar with the company's legal affairs, have the ability to handle affairs independently, understand the legal disputes, the handling of litigation related procedures, have the ability to handle litigation cases independently, and have rich experience in litigation agency;

5. Be calm, meticulous, and have strong communication skills, executive ability, resistance to stress, logical thinking and learning ability.



Company Industry: Trade / Import and Export, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Food, Beverage, Cosmetics), Property Management / Commercial Center, Transportation / Transportation / Logistics Aerospace / Aviation, Wholesale / Retail

Founded in January 2002, Jindongyuan is headquartered in the Xiamen Area (Free Trade Zone) of the China (Fujian) Free Trade Zone. It is a comprehensive enterprise with international supply chain services as its core. Its business scope covers supply chain services and international logistics clouds. Platform, international trade, imported wine, investment and other fields. It has more than ten subsidiaries in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Ningbo, Zhangjiagang and other places, and has offices in major overseas ports. The company is strong in strength and has hundreds of millions of assets.

"Professional, dedicated, personalized service, intensive, honest, and create a win-win situation" is the company's perseverance business philosophy. With high-quality service, good reputation and rich practical experience, it has won the recognition of customers. The company has formed long-term strategic partnerships with mining resource companies of international giants such as Ai Leka, Rio Tinto and Aisop.

Company compensation and benefits:

1) Competitive salary, 13 salary for the whole year, salary promotion and excellent employee reward every year according to performance and ability

2) On-the-job is to pay five social insurances for each dear partner, and to purchase additional commercial insurance to make your life more secure. In addition, the housing provident fund will not be less.

3) Legal holidays, paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave...

4) Quarterly employee birthday, annual travel, trade union entertainment, parent-child club exchange activities, Mid-Autumn Festival cakes, annual meetings and other activities should be overwhelmed, fun and colorful benefits

5) Regardless of Women's Day, Youth Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Labor Day, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, marriage and childbirth, birthday... Blessing greetings are always with you, and there are surprises

6) A health checkup that allows you to understand your physical condition and keep your best at work and life.

7) Unlimited free afternoon tea, giving you more than just a job, more of a life attitude

8) Employee files and account registration issues that meet the conditions for settlement are not necessary, we will help you to get it.

9) All aspects of vocational skills training, marketing training, English, management training, etc., to help you complete career development planning

10) Fair, just and fast promotion channels

11) Communicating an unimpeded team atmosphere, a humane management model, and caring for colleagues

12) Independent office building in the Free Trade Zone, warm and comfortable office environment

Which elite are you, the master of operation, the fashionista, the new media operation, the supply chain management, the sales elite, the responsibility, the self-proclaimed property, the distant and the dream of you...

Here you can enjoy your talents!

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[Application Notes]

1. Please select the most suitable job posting resume, and do not apply for multiple positions repeatedly.

2. You need to bring your own resume during the interview.

3. Please attend the interview according to the agreed time. If there is any change, please call in advance.

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